The story of the carpet
starts with the blessings of the nature.
The generosity of the nature is beyond comprehension.
The humankind feels the vibrations of the Mother Earth while stepping on our carpets.
Our carpets remind you the most peaceful moments of your lifetime.
Silk, wool and cashmere wait the moment of union.
The threading starts with the magic touches on wool strings with the help of spindal.
The texture of the string is the indicator of the carpet’s quality.
The long fibres twisted by spindal are the best.
The carpet reveals all the colours of nature.
The visual festival starts with it.
Your eyes see the glory of the patters and your all senses become one with the harmony of colours
Sometimes colours come from the root of a tree.
Our hospitality invites these colours to our sacred sanctuaries
and these colours reveal their deepest secrets to us.
Every thread turns into knots with great mastery.
The rhythm of each mallet bench while the carpet is being weaved, takes you to a completely different geography.
Yes, the rhythm brings you very distant lands and makes you a part of the story.
And don’t forget, you become a part of this dream journey as in the stories.
The carpet allows the artist to touch for the last time,
after the finishing touches of him and reveals its beauty to the world.
The carpet which has the magical colors of earth makes final preparations to get into full glory.
The artist wash the carpet with care and now it is ready to go where it belongs.
The elegance of motifs on the carpets comes from the hero of it.
Yes, each tale has its hero.
Our heros thread their love, sorrow, resentment, hopes and secrets on the carpets.
Therefore, each carpet is a story, is a legend, is a new life
When the sun sets over the Mother Earth,
last knots are threaded, last touches are done to the carpet..
Fringes are combed with delicate care.
Carpet starts its last journey where it combines traditions and legends
of the humankind from birth to death.
The end of the journey is the beginning of a new life.
The carpet has lots to tell and you are always welcome to join into this tale with us.
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